I’ll be darned, but I drew that 7 of Cups again. It’s my current stalker card, tellin me to rein in my excesses and to regain focus in my life. I previously blogged about the 7 of Cups and my shopping habit, which has been worse than usual ever since I bought this house. This time, it was from the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore. In this depiction, a figure is standing in front of a boutique window. Okay, it is Steampunk, so probably a cabinet of curiosities. The person is intently pondering all the interesting items in each compartment on each shelf.

As a boutique/collector illustration, I believe this card is again reminding me that I don’t need to purchase every item I see that I find beautiful or interesting; reminding me that after my awful move a few months ago, even after discarding or donating things I no longer wanted or need, that I still owned too much stuff, and how burdensome it felt. I could not believe the number of moving boxes one person could fill, and I had no idea how I had managed to fit it all into a 540 foot one-bedroom condo that did not feel cluttered. I was even thinking, at the time, how nice it would be to donate even more items, but some were gifts and still held meaning for that reason. But I said no more trinkets or ornaments or unnecessary stuff that has no actual functional purpose. And yet, since then, I have accumulated even more stuff at a faster-than-normal rate.

I also think this card, which I seem to draw from just about any of the many decks I own (7 of Cups issue there, too), is trying to tell me to tone down how late I stay up, how much I eat and drink at parties, and how much junk food I indulge in at work, either out of convenience or in seeking fleeting comfort. Yes, certainly, this card is about self-indulgence and it is reminding me I do too much of that, too.

The 7 of cups is also about options. I do have many healthy options in all of this, both in terms of physical health and financial health, not to mention mental and spiritual health. This all amounts to proper self-care, which I had always thought of as a bit indulgent and self-centered as a concept. Since I have no children, I actually already spend most of my caring efforts on myself and I told myself that was already more than enough.

I am now realizing self-care is about wise choices in all that you do, keeping everything in balance, imposing a level of discipline and routine in your life. It does not have to about being selfish or self-centered.

Last night, I came home from some friends’ Game of Thrones party. Of course I was going to go to that. But I could have eaten far less and had less Red Wedding punch. I did go to bed fairly soon after I got home at least. But this morning, I was so tired, I could hardly function, and that weighty feeling burdened me all day. Enough. Time for a regularly proper bedtime and more routinely healthy foods.

In addition, it is time to live on a budget – also as a form of self-care. We had a severe storm a few days ago. The next day, I found it had knocked some of the siding off my house, which then made me realize the siding had not been installed properly to begin with, and many more boards were peeling away from the house. I blogged about how slimy the construction and renovation industry is and how hard it is for me not to be able to trust people. This is yet another example of that issue, and another reason to be more balanced about my shopping. I need to set aside money for unforeseen necessities like this, and there will certainly be more of them. When I bought this house, I made it clear to myself that a sacrifice required to upgrade my home would be the need to be more like an adult in my spending and discipline since a house is so much more of a responsibility and work. I need to live up to that commitment I made to myself.

Time for some self-care in the real sense of the term.


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