About and Contact

Welcome to the Tarot Realm!

I’m Ash, a committed Tarot enthusiast who loves helping people work their way through challenges and decisions, heal from past traumas, and explore different facets of their life, from the mundane to the deeply spiritual.

Please contact me for a reading or other information at thetarotrealm@gmail.com.

Check out my Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/thetarotrealm/!

My Tarot Phylosophy

The Tarot can effectively guide you in finding the clarity and answers you need. For me, a Tarot reading is more than a prediction or a divination tool; it is an empowering and illuminating experience. 

As well as a method for exploring and connecting with the divine, the Tarot can be a powerful analytical framework to sort through facts, feelings and intuition to get to the bottom of the situation at hand; to make better informed decisions and choices; or to locate a source of pain and a pathway to healing.

A Tarot reading is more than a prediction or a divination; it is an empowering experience. You have free will and the ability to act upon any information you receive in Tarot readings to alter the course of your circumstances. In a practical sense, a Tarot reading can be like a forecasting tool that provides information on the trajectory of your current situation based on what is happening in you life or what you are doing now.

My Approach

My analytical, practical approach sets my reading style apart. Offering far more than general information, my reading will be specific to your question; it will empower you to make informed decisions. Using the Tarot as my guide, I will uncover information to help you make the best decision or identify ways to change a likely outcome to make it more as you want it. This contemporary approach to Tarot makes readings more useful and meaningful for you. 

I am not psychic and I cannot read your mind. You will get more out of a Tarot reading if you engage in it. I follow a very practical approach to Tarot that usually involves interaction with the querent before and during a reading, and I use the information I gain from this interaction to inform the reading and analyze your situation, with the cards as my guide.

Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy

I will respect your privacy and will not share your personal information or reading with anybody. I will not solicit follow-on readings, and will do follow-on readings only if you request one.

I pledge to treat everyone with equal respect, irrespective of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sex, or gender or sexual orientation.

I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.

Anybody under the age of 18 must have a parent or documented legal guardian present during the reading.

Things I cannot and will not attempt to read about include:

  • Health and issues involving diagnoses or prescriptions for treatment
  • Death predictions
  • Criminal investigation
  • Finding lost objects
  • Past lives
  • Communication with the deceased